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Where to Buy Fabric Online: My Favorite Fabric Stores for Apparel Sewing

Updated: May 26, 2020

"Where do you buy fabric?" is one of the most commonly asked questions I see in my online sewing groups. With the near disappearance of local fabric stores, most of us need to rely on either JoAnn or online stores. Shopping online can be hit and miss, and searching online can be a bit daunting for some. For these reasons, I decided to make an online directory of what I consider to be the "best" online fabric stores. I have included only stores that I have shopped at and had a positive experience with regard to customer service and quality of fabric. Before you hop over to my fabric store directory, check out some highlights:

Best Fabric Stores for Knit Fabric

Best Fabric Stores for High-End Designer Fabric

Best Selection/Variety of Fabric

Best Discount/Budget Fabric Stores

Best Fabric Stores for Activewear

Great for Japanese Import Fabric & Other Unique Apparel Fabrics

My Personal Favorite/Most Frequented

What are your favorite fabrics stores?

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Ruth Kiger
18 feb 2022

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