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My Gravity-Feed Iron: Silver Star ES-90 Review

Updated: May 21, 2020

Have you been considering a gravity-feed iron? So had I, and then I finally bought one and am so glad I did...

I finally bit the bullet and bought a gravity-feed iron. My Rowenta started leaking water everywhere, so I decided to satisfy my curiosity and buy the Silver Star ES-90 iron from Wawak. For $99, I figured it worth a try.

So why a gravity-feed iron? I heard gravity-feed irons don’t tend to leak like other irons, and that they last longer. Also, the water reservoir allows for longer periods of ironing without stopping to refill, and the gravity-feed system allows for great steam pressure vs. a regular iron. In addition, resin beads are used to filter out impurities in your water, so tap water is totally safe to use. The resin beads will turn yellow when they need to be changed. I bought an extra bag from Wawak.

Like most of my purchases, I research reviews on several different sources and consider the price points. The Silver Star ES-90 kept popping up with mostly positive remarks, so I went for it. And for $99 with great results, I am super happy!

The package I purchased form Wawak cam with the iron, and iron shoe, a filter bottle, tubing, water reservoir, and silicone iron plate/rest. I purchased a hi-temp diffuser pad. This pad helps to create an even flow of steam. It must be used with an non-stick iron shoe to hold it in place. You don’t need to use a pad with the shoe, but I think it help that much more to provide even steam. The coated iron shoe also promotes even steam, but is it also non-stick, helps so you don’t burn your fabric and prevent shine. The iron items is a bit heavier (4+ pounds). I like that it’s heavy, which is great for when I press interfacing. The ES-90 irons out wrinkles and sets seams like a dream!

Because the water reservoir needs to hang at least 3 feet high from your ironing board, you with need a pole, such as in IV pole, or a hook in the ceiling that can safely hold the weight of the filled water reservoir. I opted for an IV pole from Amazon ($30). Other people have put a hook into their ceiling to hold the reservoir, but I don't like the idea of a heavy water tank hanging from my ceiling. Also, you can move your ironing station if you use a pole, if need be.

A few other tips to note about the Silver Star ES-90:

  • The iron should always be placed face down, and not standing up-right like regular irons. This is something you may need to get used to.

  • It does NOT have an automatic shut-off. The light is on when the ironing is warming up to the set temperature, but will turn off once it reaches it.

  • There is no continuous steam setting. You must press and hold the button for steam.

  • The handle area doesn't get hot.

The iron really works well in pressing out wrinkles and setting seams. Overall, I really don’t have any complaints about the Silver Star ES-90. I am glad I finally because brave enough to try a gravity-feed iron because I will never go back to a regular iron.

Watch my YouTube review of the Silver Star ES-90 gravity-feed iron:

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