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Gift Ideas for Sewing Lovers

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

Look for a great gift for the sewing lover in your life? Then keep reading!  I have put together a list of items I would love to receive as a sewing enthusiast myself.

In no particular order:

1. Gift Cards. I know, it's not that creative, but I would ALWAYS welcome a gift card to JoAnn,, Amazon, or Mood! You can never go wrong with a gift card, but if you'd like something more inspired, keep reading...

2. Magazine Subscription: I love my sewing magazines, as I am always learning new tips, tricks, and techniques with each issue I receive.  Threads and Sew News magazine are great, inexpensive options.

3. The Gift of Learning: if you know someone who is learning to sew, then consider  gifting a subscription to BluPrint.  BluPrint also has classes on many other topics besides sewing, from jewelry making, to yoga, to baking!  ​

4. Fabric Swatch Subscription: learning about fabric is, in my opinion, an essential component to successful sewing.  One way I learn about fabrics is by subscribing to a swatch clubs or too.  I used to suggest Mood, but it seems they ended this service in December 2019. Vogue Fabrics offers a swatch catalog. Instead of a subscription, you could opt for a book on fabric.  I particularly like "Fabric for Fashion," as it contains several swatches and very helpful text to describe the swatches.  I have learned so much from this book.

5. Sewing inspired shirts, mugs, and stickers: course I have to suggest my own  sewing-inspired designs, such as the seam reaper t-shirt.  Check out my Etsy shop for my whimsical designs.  Also browse Zazzle, Redbubble, and other Etsy merchants for more sewing-themed designs.

6. Sewing Socks: I am a sucker for cute socks. These sewing themed socks are a win for me! There's something about wearing sewing-themed socks your sewing room.

7. Sewing-themed Jewelry: I have been coveting a scissor necklace for a while now. If this particular necklace doesn't strike your fancy, Etsy has a ton of sewing-inspired jewelry, just have a browse!

8. Cute Pattern Weights: ​ cutting fabric is probably the least fun part of sewing, but using cute pattern weights make it a bit more enjoyable. I'm partial to the gnome pattern weights that I make (and sell), but donut pattern weights are another delicious option.

9. Sewing Tote: this tote bag with a vintage sewing machine is the perfect reusable bag for fabric shopping.

10. Sewing Machine Book Ends: personally, I have a ton of sewing books.  These sewing machine book ends would make a nice addition any sewing library.

11. Books: speaking of books, I think sewing books are always a great gift!  I recommend the following books because they are wonderful -- and come with patterns! - Love at First Stitch: Demystifying Dressmaking

12) Good Scissors: I was trying to refrain from listing too many sewing supplies, but if there is one thing every sewist should have, it's pair of really good scissors.  Since good, high-quality scissors can be on the pricier, side they make an excellent gift for your favorite sewist! In addition to scissors, rotary cutters are super helpful.  Let's just say, really good cutting tools are a must! PS: if you're looking to give your favorite sewist some great sewing tools/supplies, check out my Must-have Sewing Tools video, or browse my Amazon Sewing Shop.

13) Sewing Planner: a planner is a great way to keep the avid sewist organized. This one from Simplicity is perfect (and cheaper on Amazon!).

14. Sewing Clock: there is never enough time for sewing! But alas, every sewist needs to know when it's 3:00 am and time for bed. A sewing-themed clock would like great in any sewing room! 15. Simplicity Vintage Collectibles: the vintage collectibles from Simplicity are sure to be a hit!  Simplicity offers all kinds of goodies, from tote bags, to tea towels, to posters, you are sure to find a great gift here! If you live near a JoAnn Fabrics, they tend to carry items from this line (but not everything, and it varies from store to store it seems).

16. OttLites: if you don't have good lighting, you can't see what you're doing.  I have 3 OttLites in my studio. OttLite Natural Daylight LED Illumination shows true colors, which is why I love them! They offer a variety of styles and sizes. JoAnn regularly puts them on sale, and Amazon seems to sell them cheaper, too!

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